With her new thematic album, the 59 minute Once Upon a Dream, Anael reaffirms the many characteristics that distinguish her as among the more interesting recording artists of our time. Consistently a champion of the human potential, driven by an inherent need to elucidate what seems out of our grasp, Anael is relentless, pouring out line after line of inspirational poetry that at once provokes thought and caresses the weary mind. But more importantly, through her delicate delivery, her message always stays well within the listener's grasp, as though she is speaking intimately to each and everyone of us.

Her voice can perk the ears of even the most jaded of souls, a dulcet, pure soprano tone that vibrateswith loving energy, and her artistic goals each resonate with this same, clear vibration. Put into words, her vision is almost deceptively simple: "...to help raise the collective consciousness so that mankind might fulfill its true destiny. And along the way, peace and prosperity among all nations." She believes that we all can tap into this universal energy that even now, in difficult times, is amongst us.

In her life as in her art, she appears to be free of self-absorption, and when not singing, spends her time mending the physical side of our existence with Homeopathic medicine. "Everything is energy, and for me, curing people isn't really that different from singing. Homeopathy works by sending an energy signal to the body which has essentially the same characteristics as the illness, but stronger, ultimately eliminating the sickness. Kind of like changing your mood with a better vibe."

"This chance here before us is all we need to toss our cares; leading us on to new horizons, opening the heavens clear and far..."

This marks her 6th international album since 1997, a truly prolific rate of creation, and is the follow-up to Greatest Gifts, the gorgeously packaged compilation that included a lush DVD containing videos and a retrospective of her career thus far. The album was Top 5 on Galaxie.ca (Canadian satellite radio) peaking at #2, and last year, her song Alien Mind was used as the theme music for a Mitsubishi Global Lancer ad campaign in Taiwan. Her 4th album, Language of the Soul, was a finalist in the 4th annual American NAV awards, Top 20 in US New Age radio, and acclaimed by critics across North America. "Music for awakening in every sense of the word," voiced the Seattle New Times; "Iridescent, haunting, liquid. A rare privilege to hear such quality today." said The Minnesota Phoenix. In 2002 , the Jonquière, Quebec native was invited with her partner Bradfield to sing the theme song for the popular Korean TV drama "Sang Do." The pair travelled to Seoul and ended up collaborating also on the english version entitled "This Heart of Mine," which was heard by five million viewers each week for the entire season. Celtic in flavor and somewhat of a departure for Anael, it was a wonderful experience which only strengthened her ideas about respect for other cultures: "There are 12 million people in Seoul - and less crime than here in America. It tells you something about the level of consciousness - there's always something to learn from everyone."

Although she's often compared with Enya or Sarah Brightman (without the bel canto), careful listening reveals that aside from all sharing truly heavenly vocal chords and the ability to transport us with their music, only Anael seems interested in challenging us with mind-expanding lyrical themes. Two wonderful examples of this approach are on the new album: "No Ordinary Year " and "Take the High Road." The first recounts the transformation of a dying man who has been touched by the voice of an angel, and the latter is one of Anael's favorite themes - the progress of humanity's consciousness into the next millenium.

The new album has already climted into the Top 10 of the US iTunes Store's Top 100 New Age albums, peaking at #4, and the worldwide availability is bringing her fans in new territories such as Japan and the Netherlands with each passing day.

"Conciousness has overtaken physics in our land; and the stage is set for the architect."

If the future is anything like what Anael predicts, the world we know will experience radical change. "Boundaries, hate and illusion will dissolve as we shift into the 4th dimension, which is spiritual." Startling words, all in keeping with the otherworldliness that Anael so easily exudes.

Let's hope at least one small thing from the past remains: the simple pleasure of hearing a beautiful female voice sing a heavenly melody. And may it always bring a smile to our human lips.

October, 2005


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