As a founding member of Norway's Bel Canto (at age 16!), Anneli Drecker has been a prominent member of the Norwegian music scene for quite some time. She was born in Tromsø, the arctic city, surrounded by icy mountains, midnight sun and northern lights. In addition to her work with Bel Canto,with seven released albums so far, she has also lent her voice to recordings by Hector Zazou, Jah Wobble, A-Ha, and others. Her first solo album, Tundra, was originally released in Norway in 2000, and released worldwide in 2003. Many would recognize her voice on the legendary Röyksopp debut album, "Melody AM" where she is co-writer and singer on the singel "Sparks". She has toured with Röyksopp several times, all over Europe. It came as a shock to hardcore Bel Canto fans when Anneli showed up as one of the judges in Idol in 2004. But she made a fair and sIncere judge and the show was the most popular viewed show on tv that year. She joined a-ha on their worldwide tour "Minor Earth Major Sky" in 2001 and in 2003, on their "Lifelines" tour.In 2005 she released her second solo album "Frolic" where she programmed and produced many of the tracks on the album. She has also acted in several norwegian movies and in theater-plays all over Norway but claims acting is only a dear hobby to her.

For more info on Anneli Drecker, please look up www.annelidrecker.com or www.myspace.com/annelidrecker

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