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COY has been around since 1999. It started as a kind of a studio experiment. The singer, songwriter and pianist Nejra Besic met the great drummer Olle Prim and the one and only bassist Richard Johansson in high school, and they decided to record a song together. That song was ”Impetus”, and was later included on their first demo called ”1999 was a bad year for arts”.

This studio session led the members to decide that they definitely should form a band – and call it COY. The band then included a guitarist called Tobias Axelsson and an accordion player by the name of Petter Rapp. After a while they also included cello, played by Anna Sahlin.

The members of the band have shifted through the years. COY tried many guitarists for longer and shorter periods before they encountered Mikael Karlsson and discovered his enormous talent.

As the band evolved musically, the musical roles of the accordion and the cello were getting questioned, and eventually both of these instrumentalists quit. The bass player was shortly after forced to move out of town, and was replaced by the only worthy replacement in the entire town of Örebro - Jonatan Tjäder. The latest to join the band was the very talented young violinist Karin Svensson. She was with the band for a longer period before eventually leaving them to work on other projects. The band today is a quartet, consisting of Nejra, Micke, Jonatan and Olle.

Four demos have been recorded since 1999, all of which the band is proud of. The music has also evolved from a sort of ”world music” with lots of folk music influences to a more piano based poprock. This musical evolution is due to the fact that the members have been coming and going and every new member has had en enormous personal/musical impact on the sound. And of course, this change happened for the band as a whole due to personal growth in musical listening.

COY´s latest album ”These hands” shows some of this change, which for them happened gradually while playing together – but which for some fans seemed to happen all of a sudden. Even still, new changes are yet to come.

COY is so much more than music. For the members, COY is a way of life and a future. The music they create together is the ultimate drive – and what the essence of playing together is all about.


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