Philadelphia based group "Daughter Darling" is breaking out of the conventional idea of a "band" itself. Coming from two separate worlds, Indianapolis born Natalie Walker, and Philadelphia based producers, Travis and Stephen Fogelman collided to form as one. Out in the midwest, Natalie's background as a folk/funk vocalist grounds her deeply in acoustic roots. On the east coast in Philadelphia, Stephen and Travis worked closely with hip hop artists, sketching out their early beginnings over a decade ago. Older brother Stephen started spinning hip hop at age 13, and younger brother Travis began experimenting with sampling and producing drum and bass in 1994. Growing angry with the negative direction of hip hop, the duo began to turn elsewhere for their inspiration. The brothers needed a catalyst for their cauldron of dark and haunting hip hop style beats. Heroines taming the gritty hip hop beats guided such groups as Portishead and Sneaker Pimps into unknown territories. Their influence would alter the brothers direction into so called "trip hop" After auditioning many female vocalists, no chemistry took place. Answering a web page ad for a singer wanted, Natalie Walker had downloaded the music for "Sad and Lonely" and recorded the vocals the next day. A beautiful partnership had blossomed. A year later, Natalie, frustrated with school and her lust for a full time music career, left college and moved to Philadelphia.Working with classically trained musicians, and adding the raw elements of scratching and sampling, Daughter Darling brings a new style to trip hop. Natalie's voice brings it all together with an intensely personal writing style and dynamic vocals.


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