"Deitsch" is the south german dialect term for "german", and the band "Deitsch" does exactly that: they play german folk music with a southern accent.
Two of Germany's leading folk musicians, Gudrun Walther and Jürgen Treyz formed the band after being asked many times while on tour what german folk music sounds like.

They have gained their laurels in internationally well-known outfits such as More Maids, Adaro, Goût d'hier and Cara, the latter being very successful at the moment with festivals and tours throughout France, Brittany, Ireland, Holland, Switzerland, Denmark and the UK.
Both provide a strong background of european folk music, experience in arranging, composing and recording acoustic music, and have their own professional recording studio.

Some three years ago, they started their research in archives, second-hand bookshops and in songbooks and found a vast amount of folk songs and ballads, dances and other tunes. Encouraged by the beauty and richness of the collected material, they began working seriously on a CD in the winter of 2004/2005. They worked as a duo, both responsible for chosing the material, arranging and recording. There are some duo tracks on the record and some band-oriented arrangements, but always balanced and with as few overdubs as possible.


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