East Hundred got started in Philadelphia when local film student Beryl Guceri tapped her good friends, Brooke and Will Blair, to score her latest project. The brothers were accomplished touring and recording musicians new to the Philadelphia area. They wanted to start a new project; however, finding the right vocalist was proving difficult. But over the course of their filmic collaboration, all three sensed the musical sparks between them. Beryl had never sung with a group before, but she was passionate and fearless. An initial test track was quickly recorded. It was all they needed to be certain of the chemistry here. Their sound was already developing. "It's like Fila Brazilia sleeping under the bridge with Mazzy Star," somebody remarked. The trio scratched their heads at that one and kept writing.

In May of 2005, the group released a self-titled seven-song EP. Two additional players- Dave Sunderland on bass, and Susan Gager on keys- were added to fill out the live sound. East Hundred began performing regionally in Philadelphia, New York, Baltimore, and D.C. and quickly built a loyal fan base. As a front person, Beryl is disarming and instantly likable- sincere and playful in equal measure. Her hauntingly beautiful voice moves organically within the cinematic soundscapes, complimenting without dominating. The band plays with an energetic precision that's always mindful of the plaintive vulnerability at the core of the songs.

They gig and rehearse tirelessly. Their sound continues to develop. In the summer of 2006, East Hundred began work on a new recording that reflects their dynamic live presence. "It's like Blonde Redhead shoplifting from Billy Corgan's deli and getting arrested by Cat Power!" someone remarked. They all scratched their heads and kept writing...


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