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“the sensual nature of Humanity”


Élu is a unique blend of New Age/Progressive Electronic, Rock and World music created by the use of multi-tone samplers and live instruments, which contribute to the hybrid sound.. Based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Élu is the creation of Jeffrey Mettling, 8 time award winning recording artist with over 24 nominations for "best musical production" as recognized by the New Mexico Music Industry Association "NMMIA" and “Just Plain Folks” Music Awards. Jeff is the creative energy and driving force behind the music including writing, arrangements, performance and production. Many female voices have been heard in the music since the first release in 1999. Kate Benton joined Elu’s line up over 2004 and 2005 to do work on the “Songs of Devotion” release. Although not a permanent member of Elu, Kate’s vision and talent made her a invaluable partner on this release.


Élu has made the top 20 New Age/Ambient/Electronic play list numerous times in Italy, and is being featured on radio programming in Spain, Russia, Sweden, Asia and the US. Élu’s past releases have reached the top 40 on the internet’s top music sites such as Artistlaunch.com, Audiostreet.net, MP3.com, Soundclick.com, Emusic.com, IUMA.com, and as a featured artist at CNET’s Download.com, Artistlaunch.com, and Dmusic.com. Élu’s music is available through all major on-line music venders such as Borders, Barnes and Nobel and Yahoo and others throughout the world.

Musical reviews, write-ups and release listings:

“inimitable…adventurous” - New Classics UK;

“If you're ready to go into a state of meditative bliss, Élu can take you there. Quiet, nearly subliminal voices soothe your mind while layers of ambient synthesizer massage your senses” – Listen.com;

“Sinuous, sultry and seductive” - Visions Magazine;

“a not to be missed CD” - Kuelle Magazine;

“Fans of Enigma will get off on Élu. Love is their debut record and it's a rich tableau of symphonically inspired ambient grooves that's great for chilled out listening, massage and most importantly. . .love.” – eMusic.com;

“Sensuality” evokes comparisons to B-Tribe with the occasional house beat pumped into the mix to stir things up.” – eMusic.com;

“Move over Manheim Steamroller! Elu takes holiday music to another level on December. Unlike most electronically interpreted versions of seasonal themes, Elu isn't afraid to thrown in a bit of the goth, to give the proceedings an occasionally solemnific feel.” – eMusic.com;

“Élu (Jeff Mettling) blends new age, world music, and pop sensibilities into a synthesized world of creative expression. December is a challenging adventure; it is reminiscent of Mannheim Steamroller gone goth. The tones are dark--even the album cover is dark. The presentation is riveting, but you have to be open to a totally unique approach to traditional holiday favorites.

Eight of the 9 tracks are based on well-known traditional carols, but you have never heard them done like this. This is synthesized music, and a strong percussive heartbeat underlies each song. The tone is somber, but not depressing; this music has an underlying energy that is inescapable. Although some numbers have relatively straightforward vocals, the overall emphasis is clearly on the cutting-edge instrumentation, which employs multi-tone samplers and live instruments. In Mettling's capable hands, familiar numbers take on entirely different personas, and the results are impressive.

The opening is dramatic. The sounds of bells and eerie choral tones set the stage before Carol of the Bells explodes with melodic syncopation. I also like I Saw Three Ships, which features a cool bagpipes sentiment, and Mettling's vocals on God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen lift the tune to a new level.

This is the sort of album that is playable all year long. Most cuts are at least three steps removed from traditional Christmas tunes, so it's possible to enjoy the moods created here in any season.

Sick of sugary sweet holiday tunes that sound like all the rest? December may provide you with just the escape you seek.”

--Carol Swanson, Christmasreviews.com

“Tune in and drift through an enchanting and ethereal journey as Elu revitalizes your soul and uplifts your spirits. This atmospheric duo's emotionally charged female vocals give these songs their passion.”

--Editor’s Choice – CNET download.com

Elu’s releases are also listed in “Jazz ru” Russia; Atomic Pop, US; EnterTo Entertainment, San Francisco; Kweevak’s Tracks

Recent News:

Élu’s “Sensuality 2002” album was nominated for “Best Album of the Year 2004” for electronica by the Just Plain Folks Awards, sponsored by Virgin Records, TAXI and CD Baby. Élu took third place. In addition, Élu won “Best Musical Production for 2004 by the NMMIA, New Mexico Music Industry Coalition for their new song “Stay” from the “Songs of Devotion” release in 2005. Élu also took “Best Musical Production for 2006 by the NMMIA for a new song “In the Wake of Desire” which will be released later this year or early next. Élu was featured in the November/December 2005 issue of Hyper Active Music Magazine, the September issue of Go Magazine, the Red Eye Express, radio program in Ft Lauderdale, FL. And was an Editor’s Choice on CNET’s Download.com and continues to thrive in the top 10 Progressive Electronic charts.

Elu is gearing up for production of their 5th release.

Members Biography:

Jeffrey Mettling:

Élu's Jeff Mettling was born in Ada, Minnesota. He began with the Suzuki method for playing violin at the age of 8 and changed to guitar at the age of 10 and formed his first band at the age of 16. He has a passion for music that continues today. He studied music throughout his teenage years and received numerous awards for his musical abilities. He later studied keyboards, bass and drums and has become an accomplished, diverse musician. In 1994 he received his first local award for "Best Musical Production" as recognized by the New Mexico Music Industry Association, "NMMIA". For the next ten years he would earn 8 more awards and over 24 nominations for his music. His debut release entitled "LOVE" under the band name "ELU", formed in 1998, reached the top 40 on MP3.com and the top 10 on "IUMA". He was also featured as a top 20 artist on the radio show "Dreams of a New Age" 88.1 FM, WMBR in Boston, MA and "Deep Space", Stargate radio program in Italy. The "LOVE" release received rave reviews from Listen.com, Visions Magazine and Kuelle Magazine. Later releases continue to do equally well and gain more and more popularity among the independent music audience.

Kate Benton

Born in Canton Illinois, she has pursued a life in entertainment from an early age, beginning with children's theater at the age of five, and vocal training from age thirteen to the present.

She has spent time working on and featuring in several roles for comedic independent films, including writing and directing several dramatic works in Albuquerque, NM as well as backup performance with professional Las Vegas show companies. Kate's current focus lies in maintaining a constant creation of original lyrical pieces, poetry, melodies and vocals for Elu's musical partnership.

Rebecca Moore

Featured vocalist on the upcoming release. Her vocals can be heard on “Waiting for the Sun” and “In the Wake of Desire”. Both songs will be available on a full length album later this year or early part of next. She is currently working with the University of New Mexico Chorus.

DeeAnn Gonzales

Featured vocalist on the upcoming release. Dee’s vocals can be heard on “Lose Control”. She is an accomplished singer and is currently working on a new musical release. She is a long time veteran of rock and pop bands in New Mexico and Washington DC as well as being an actress and stage performer.

Musical Releases:

“Love” – 1999

“Sensuality 2002” – 2002

“December” – 2003

“Songs of Devotion” – 2005

Currently working on a new release for late 2006 or early 2007

Additional Information:

Elu is signed to a non-exclusive agreement for internet distribution with Eroica Records in the US and abroad. This contract was signed in 2002 for the “Love”, “Sensuality 2002”, “December” and “Songs of Devotion” releases and will be up for renewal in 2007.

Jeff is a member of BMI and a voting member of the Recording Academy.

Similar Artists:

Elu’s music has been compared to Enigma, Conjure One, Enya, Sting, B-Tribe, Deep Forest, and Delerium.


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