Since the age of seven, Genika's talents were made obvious at that early age when she began her musical training as a young violinist, eventually receiving a music scholarship and subsequently began performing with orchestras. Other experiences and overcoming various challenges all combined to give her a unique outlook on life, which in turn came to emerge and evolve into her musical ambitions.

These experiences came to be useful when, along with her fellow collaborator, writer/producer, Rick Bafaro, Genika put together the lyrics and music of her debut album, "The Purity", in December 2005, along with Paul Hampton on guitar and bass, and Phil Robertson on percussion. The project then expanded with the addition of engineer and musical scholar Mark Henning. Renowned producer/engineer Greg Reely (Sarah McLachlan, Delerium) was then called upon for the final touches by mixing the album at the Warehouse Studios in Vancouver.

With imagery in her songs that are both beautiful and haunting, the ethereal nature of her music is expressed with truthful lyrics that are both emotional and optimistic, dark yet cathartic. They touch upon the varied experiences of life and illustrate how Genika's music can cross boundaries of age and experience and allow her to make a connection to the diverse minds of audiences everywhere.

Their exploration of her new album will allow them to discover nuances to each songs meaning, as in the song "Quiet Alone", and to feel and discover their own strength in breaking down the walls of loneliness and isolation, and to come together to relate to something deep and heartfelt. That is the power of her album, and in turn, her purpose in creating it.

With music that is both inspired and non-conventional, the talents of Genika come together as a complete whole in her captivating debut album, "The Purity". Don't miss it.

The video for "Follow Your Heart" was shot on location on the Albert Canyon Glaciers in the Canadian Rocky Mountains just east of Revelstoke, BC. Rick Bafaro both filmed and produced the video, braving the complicated swooping camera shots from a helicopter that caught images of Genika in a landscape both beautiful and surreal. Genika further illustrated her talents outside of music by contributing both make-up and costumes to the making of the video.

The video effectively captures a visual and emotional representation of Genika's music, as further heard on her captivating debut album, "The Purity".


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