Based in Birmingham in the UK, Gramophone came into being when past collaborators producer/arranger Jon Cotton and instrumentalist David Picking began work with New Zealand-born vocalist/lyricist Penny McConnell.

The band signed to EMI Music Publishing in 1997 and subsequently have garnered a growing following in the film industry; their darkly beautiful songs have appeared in two recent feature films - Iain Banks' Complicity and Fast Food.

A growing following of listeners have come across Gramophone, mainly by word of mouth. Despite the simplicity of this 'promotion', it would seem from the current volume of sales it is achieving without help that the eponymous album is destined to become a modern classic.

The band themselves are rarely seen - other than two startling appearances with a large string section they do not perform live.

''Gramophone', the labour-of-love debut album, will be released in the UK after a long wait on the 11th November 2002 on Artful Records and is already available in France on Musidisc (M10) Records.

Licensing deals are currently being finalised in other European countries. International customers* can buy the extra-length export version at CDBaby.

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