Welcome to the Post-Psychic Para-Reality by the newcomers of Electro-Alienating Beat Rock Helalyn Flowers!

This is a sensational and innovative mix of powerful drum beats, heavy guitars, amazing female vocals, atmospheric orchestrations, odd synths, pulsating bass, trip-hop patterns, catchy refrains, acoustic intimity, digital asepsis.

A so strong sensation of urban boredom and false-life lobotomy was the definitive input to the birth of Helalyn Flowers. The band was born from the ashes of The Claw, which style was in between Nu & Goth Metal, in 2004. MaXXX and N0emi were not still satisfied with that, so they simply destroyed all that was created to give life to something new. Absolutely NEW.

The same actual monicker Helalyn Flowers refers to the absurdity of limitative concepts of the life in general. Consequently the sound moves into a total, almost casual, fresh reinterpretation of all both main members influences, tying the best of Nu/ Goth Metal, Industrial, Alternative, Dark, Trip-Hop, Electronic and Synth/ Future/ Cold Pop.

The first synthesis of this alienating path is the first self-produced Mini Cd Disconnection, released in June 2005. It confirms Helalyn Flowers as the prime-movers of the Nu-Electro Rock wave, selling out the first limited 500 copies edition in a few months worldwide, above all in the U.S., thanx also to the amazing support of American radios, magazines and promotions. As well as to the enthusiastic receptiveness of the fans. In Europe its to point out the astonishing support of the main music and alternative fashion mags/ webzines.

After the great success of Disconnection the band starts to manipulate sonic and lyrical frames for the realization of new tracks. The new single E-Race Generation(web-availability starting from June 6.06) is the reflex of the band after one year of intense processing, bursting out with a more aggressive, synthetic and catchy than ever sound.


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