Hooverphonic is based in Belgium, a small European country with a strong music scene featuring an open air festival tradition that starts as early as 1959.
Hooverphonic's career has been marked from the beginning by international recognition, when the song '2 Wicky' was chosen for the movie 'Stealing Beauty' by Italian director Bernardo Bertolucci. From then on, their music kept appearing in movies, TV shows and commercials in the States, as well as in Spain and Japan.

If Hooverphonic's '97 debut 'A New Stereophonic Sound Spectacular' clearly showed trip hop roots, the band has evolved since with three albums in five years. In 2001 they headlined at the Werchter festival in front of a crowd of 50.000.
In 2003 they released 'Sit Down and Listen to', live recorded with a string quartet and followed by a tour with more than 60 concerts in 9 countries.

Hooverphonic features the same core trio since 8 years. Alex Callier, bass player, main songwriter and producer, is the main musical force together with guitar player Raymond Geerts, both coming from the city of Sint-Niklaas. They were joined by Geike Arnaert who replaced Lies Sardonius and gave the band its definitive voice and face in '97, at the age of 17
Autumn 2005 Hooverphonic finished their fifth studio album called No More Sweet Music.


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