Jakki Jelene is an angelic and captivating singer, songwriter, and musician from Michigan.

She became an avid music lover from an early age. Never content to be only a fan, Jakki Jelene became involved in platforms that nurtured her passion. She began performing in grade school plays and musical productions. In early adolescence, Jakki Jelene joined the school and church choir. This experience exposed her to vocal music, sparking an unquenchable fire. Jakki Jelene learned to play the saxophone in junior high, where she began to explore her love of playing music. All of these experiences helped to cultivate her ever growing desire to be a part of the musical landscape.

Dissatisfied with the musical offerings of the time, Jakki Jelene turned to independent artists. She was enthralled and excited to find people within the music industry who really cared about the art, and creating music that had meaning and substance. This led to her appreciation of female vocalists within this and the dream-pop/trip-hop genre. Jakki Jelene spent a portion of her time dedicated to discovery, discussion and promotion of new female vocal talent, through her Angelic Voices discussion forums.

Jakki Jelene soon discovered her own love for song writing after receiving her first guitar as a gift. Self-taught, she spent countless hours playing and writing music. That experience resulted in the dreamy and disarming homemade CD, “Acoustic Demos”, which received a surprising amount of attention despite the lack of production quality. During this time, she played a few live sets in spite of her nervousness. With her natural, inviting stage presence, the audience was awestruck and captured by her powerful vocals, attention grabbing lyrics, and melodic guitar playing. At this point she had written over seventy songs, and was prepared to begin experimenting with electronic based soundscapes.

After a brief hiatus, Jakki Jelene collaborated with various independent artists, creating songs such as Invisible, Crash and Burn, and Heaven Bound. These inspiring, beautiful works provided the experience needed to begin her next musical project, a full length album entitled "Reflections". The songs within range in topic from the ever-important love, to social issues affecting our culture. The infectious music and rich vocal stylings are guaranteed to strike the listeners with the feeling that they have witnessed something truly special. Jakki Jelene hopes to touch others with her passionate, thought provoking lyrics and enchanting vocals. "Reflections" marks the official beginning of Jakki Jelene's exciting musical career, with the expectation of new releases and projects in the future.

More About Jakki Jelene:


"From as far back as I can remember, music has been an essential part of my life. I have always been open to listening to many different genres and knew at an early age that I wanted to be a singer. Still, I would have to say that songwriting has turned out to be the most rewarding aspect of working on music. I am especially fond of the songs I have written for the new album, "Reflections". I hope that my love of storytelling will be evident to others and that these words will be able to touch someone else's life."

Influences Include:

Genres such as Downtempo, Trip Hop, Electronica, Dream Pop, Trance, Shoegazer, Ambient, Goth, Ethereal, Chillout, Electro Lounge, Twee Pop, Neo-Soul, Nu-Soul, Indie, Nu-Jazz, New Age, World, Various Styles of Jazz, Classic Rock, Praise & Worship, Classic Soul/R&B, Gospel, Synth-Pop, and even some Folk, Pop/Rock and Alternative.


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