Over the course of her career Kaitlyn ni Donovan
has garnered the respect and awe of musicians and listeners,
both in Portland and elsewhere, for her striking compositions
and noir-ish lyrics. She also composes and performs on
numerous stringed instruments including violin, viola, guitar,
mandolin, and ukulele.

Kaitlyn and her collaborating musicians
( under the band name I S O L A D E ) craft a striking blend
of elements from a genre that might be described as
"pop noir" or "chamber pop". Tense, brooding, sensual,
experimental, intensely melodic. These are all adjectives
that have come up more than once in discussions about
her very personal sound.

On her last album, Songs for 'Three Days' on
HUSH Records, Kaitlyn found her perfect foil in
producer Tony Lash. Tony has produced albums
by The Dandy Warhols, Richard Davies, Tahiti 80,
and Sunset Valley. His attention to detail, nuance,
and aesthetics helped this relatively soft album make
 a huge noise.

Currently Kaitlyn is recording her new inlisting the
help of fans, producers, other musicians and engineers.
Look for a release in early 2007 on Hush Records.
Along with her solo music Kaitlyn is in the shoegaze
outfit The High Violets who often tour across the US.
The High Violets have been hailed as leaders of the 2nd
coming of the shoegazer sound. Rolling Stone describes
them as: Shimmering, Starry-eyed ethereality.


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