Karin Ström

photo by Lina Eidenberg

Karin Ström was born on a Sunday in the small town of Kristianstad 1977. She always wanted to be a singer, but never told anyone. She started to play the piano when she was nine and to write songs when she was thirteen, simple pop songs about the guys she was in love with. She continued throughout her teen years, but she never played them to anyone because she thought they were pathetic and embarrassing. She only wrote about things she couldn't talk to anyone about, so how was she supposed to be able to play them to people? Not until she was nineteen and moved to Stockholm did she find the courage to come out as a wannabe singer/songwriter. She started to cooperate with a drum&bass guy, since she thought her songs were far too sad and boring when only accompanied by the piano. The guy remixed the song Human (which is now translated to Swedish and is picked as the opening track on En saga om en sten) so well that they fell in love and moved to London. They recorded a few more tracks but nothing was released and one day they guy told Karin he thought her music sounded better without his beats. Still to this day, Karin doesn't know if this was really true or if he just was being lazy.

Karin lived five years in London, of which she devoted three to studying Neuroscience at University College London in order to understand her brain better. She recorded demos, still sung in English but now with a classical singer/songwriter sound. One of these demos reached Nettwerk America, who offered her a deal and financed the recording of an album. Karin moved to Los Angeles and a five track EP was released, but then she got dropped and her album never came out. After five years in London and one in LA, Karin decided to move back to Stockholm.

Back home, Karin came to the decision to do everything herself. She decided to learn how to produce and to release it on her own label, and she decided to start singing in Swedish. She locked herself in a studio and fell in love with synthesizer sounds. In April 2006 the first sample of Karin's new sound was released, Sneda Ögons EP, which was described as dark singer/songwriter electronica. During the following summer Karin recorded the rest of the album. Her mum thought she was about to become psychologically unstable from spending so much time sitting by her self in a room without windows, but she managed to stay well and now the album is finished.

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