Love Spirals Downwards was begun in the late 80's by multi-instrumentalist and producer, Ryan Lum, but didn't truly take flight until the addition of girlfriend-turned-vocalist, Suzanne Perry, in 1991. Two of their three initial demo tracks were featured on the Across this Grey Land 3 comp, garnering international attention from fans and critics alike, and sparking their career as one of Projekt Records' most successful artists to date.

Over their 8 year history, Love Spirals Downwards released four 10,000+ selling albums; Idylls (1992),
Ardor (1994), Ever (1996), and Flux (1998), plus 1 single, Sideways Forest (1996), and 1 retrospective collection Temporal: A Collection of Music Past & Present (2000), incorporating the styles of ethereal, shoegazer, folk, world, ambient, and electronica to create a dream pop sound uniquely their own.

Primarily a recording project, the duo performed live only sporadically -- generally in conjunction with Projekt Festivals -- and almost always acoustically. Love Spirals Downwards' last live show was in 1998, in support of their final studio album, Flux.

In 1999, Lum began working with new collaborator, Anji Bee, under the moniker of
Lovespirals. Suzanne Perry formed a new group called Melodyguild in 2002 with former members of The Von Trapps. There are no plans for Love Spirals Downwards to record or tour in the future.


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