At the core of Lunascape are musicians Kyoko Baertsoen and Walter Hilhorst. The duo originally met in 1993 at the television and film academy in Brussels, Belgium and began to fiddle around with covers and some original material. In 1997, Kyoko was offered the spot of lead singer for Hooverphonic and her work with Walter was put on the back burner. After touring Europe extensively with Hooverphonic, Kyoko left the band and returned to her work with Walter; Lunascape was born.

The Lunascape sound mixes catchy rhythms, sampling and loops with electric guitars reinforced by strong melodies and Kyoko's enchanting voice. Kyoko recently spoke about her musical influences: Ive listened to so many different types of music from Abba to Pink Floyd. At about 13 I was immersed in the sinister new wave of Sisters of Mercy, Bauhaus and Joy Division but one band really took me all the way into the beautiful realms of music: The Cocteau Twins. Its the extraordinary original melodies of Liz Fraser; I've never heard anyone do this again. For me she'll stay the goddess of chant forever.

Taken by their blend of etherealism and emotional adeptness, a European A&R rep caught the duo at one of their many shows throughout the region and quickly signed them and shuttled them into a studio to begin recording. While the band released albums and singles in Europe, their first North American exposure came in a most unusual way. In 2001, Kyoko starred alongside Harry Shearer in IMAXs 3-D film Haunted Castle. Kyoko became an underground cult figure. Fans of bands like Dead Can Dance, Delerium and Cocteau Twins uncovered Lunascapes European catalog and import versions began to sell in the US. Another twist in Lunascapes international fortunes came in 2003. Sinead OConnor teamed up with Deleriums Rhys Fulber for his new project, Conjure One, whose first single was a cover of Lunascapes Tears From The Moon. Kyoko and Walter had worked on the song with famed producer Rick Nowels (Madonna, Dido) in his LA studio. Sinead and Rhys version went to number 3 on Billboards dance charts and hovered in the Top 5 for several weeks becoming a hallmark of dance clubs throughout the world in the Summer of 2003.

Now finally seeing a US release with REMINISCENCE (Noir Records) the duo continue their march towards finely crafted pop songs with their beloved affinity for rare instruments, breathy mixes and of course, Kyoko's angelic vocals. The first single from Reminiscence, "Mindstalking," reached Number 34 on the Billboard Dance Charts with the help of a stellar remix from Dave Aude.


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