malory - formed in 1995 by three former school friends under the influence of the so-called indie/wave era - is the german incarnation of the shoegazer generation. in 1999 they have recorded their debut album "not here - not now": sound landscapes from an inverse universe washed against the walls of their studio. find out what kind of sound walls you can build with guitars. total effects, all guitar, a concentric stream of desire and melancholy. layer for layer the dome is growing from freely flowing emotions, in the dispute of the musicians. guitar vs. guitar. his voice against hers.

"outerbeats" is the title of the second album (2001) - and it's really characteristic for the music. while the first album had this touch of their idols slowdive malory are now defining their own cosmos, their own time. the songs of the new album "the third face" (2005) open a door to a spheric world. the slowness of the moment becomes a journey through the time, a long way through the orbit. it floats atmospherically around you with angelic vocals and experimental sound scapes using guitars as sound tools. these songs deserve only to be played at high volumes so that the sound swallows your room and your mind.

malory invites the listener to take a seat and to fasten their seat belts that the journey can be started.


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