Welcome to the world of Monica Shannon.

I’ve been singing and writing songs for more than ten years. When I was 12, I started playing piano and noting my first inspirations. I had a great teacher, Mr Aldo Garavini, musician at “La Scala Orchestra” in Milan. He made me know the magic music world of Prokofiev, Bela Bartok, Debussy; he taught me how the poetry inspires the music and vice versa. I remember that when I played the piano, he used to read a poem and, during one of those sessions, I got to know Dylan Thomas and Octavio Paz as well...unforgettable lessons! Then, when I was 17, I started singing and, at the same time, I wrote my first soundtrack for a comedy in my home town theatre, “La Verità di Mezzanotte” (Midnight Truth). In order to improve my vocal technique, I had jazz style classes with a famous singer, Tiziana Ghiglioni, for two years. During that period I was invited to be the lead vocalist of a Jazz-Swing Band, “The 52nd Street Swing Band”, performing Standards in Pubs and Theatres.

I’ve always been looking for my innermost artistic way and I thought that travelling was the right way to start and open my mind towards different cultures and music styles. The place where I started this adventure is Ireland. A lot of songs of mine are actually inspired by the old celtic music and then arranged in a current key.

Then, the ever-growing co-operation with other artists, improved my creativity.

First of all, with my previous band, the “Diadema”, I realized a very good Demo of my repertoire and most successful Concerts. Then, thank to the support of two talented songwriters and producers, Seba and Rik Sentenza, I had the possibility to re-arrange some of my best songs.

Finally, I’m now preparing a digital version of my first album that will be mastered in New York.

The aim of my music is to convey all my feelings, sensations and emotions, so that if you close your eyes you can see what I see and feel what I feel. Listener feedback will help to better understand me and complete the dialog.

After various journeys, I’m now getting into humanitarian causes. Being a passionate ocean lover, I’m totally against whales’ hunting and I think that it’s absolutely appalling the killing of these gentle giants. Then, thank to one of my best friends, Marina, who visited Laos for a long time, I got to know the cause of MAG (Mines Advisory Group), a British Organisation operating in different countries, fighting against mines unexploded ordinances.

I wish to support them through my music and I’ll do my best.

If you would like to know more about me, please visit my page:


Your feedback and comments are always sincerely welcome!

Thanks to everyone!



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