Neah learned to play the different instruments available at home at an early age and eventually also started to sing. Singing became her most flexible instrument. She grew up singing in choirs and playing, as well as spending time with the animals on her parent's farm! Being kind of shy she reached the age of 19 years before she ever sang solo in public. It was a well kept secret until then.

She first tasted musical success when she won a major regional radio song contest, which led to her recording her own mini-CD. Shortly there after she got signed to a major record company in Sweden. But when that record deal didn't turn out the way she wanted to she decided to take the matter into her own hands and become independent as a producer. She started investing in both equipment and knowledge to enable her to produce on her own.

Neah is a selftaught singer-musician-songwriter and she collects musical instruments and uses them in her recordings. She says "it's when playing an instrument you don't fully control that the most unexpected melodies come to you. It is impossible to fall into old patterns. Then when the melody or harmony is found you can go back to the instruments you're more comfortable playing and take it from there."

She now works as a freelance artist/composer/producer and has written music for well-known swedish artists, film/tv and for radio and commercials. The last few years she has expanded her craft into experimenting with singing jazz, classical music and she has appeared in leading roles in some musical productions.

In 2004 Neah produced the charity album "Inte så ensam" for Save the Childen foundation (Rädda Barnen) in Sweden and she continues to lend her voice and music to charity fundraising whenever she can.

At the moment she spends most of her time composing and producing new music in her studio working on a cd expected for release sometime in 2007. The song "Strange world" is the first single from that album due for release some time before this summer.


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