Photo: Sven Prim

I started playing classical piano at the age of 9. It's all downhill from there, I guess you could say. Then there was a war in my homecountry Bosnia. So I came to Sweden. And I wrote a LOT of music. Then I became cool in highschool and though I'd start a band. And we played for seven glorious years (myspace.com/coysweden). And at some point it felt like I should leave all that behind and go back to my old nerdy self. So I started making music on my own and recording a few tunes. And then I got help from some kind friends who didn't mind spending a few hours in the studio with me (Olle Prim plays percussion on the recordings, and Karin Svensson plays her lovely violin - thank you sweeties!). And then I thought to myself that I would very much like to play with some people yet again. So it's kind of a band now, I guess you could say, although it's a solo project as well. Whatever the definition, here it is. Enjoy the songs.


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