An avid sonic experimenter and home recording devotee, San Francisco based singer songwriter Noe Venable has released four records independently. Her most recent album, The World is Bound by Secret Knots, is the unique product of that glorious combination of time, space and artistic freedom that can perhaps only be achieved in the privacy of one's own living room. Produced with the help of Noe's long time collaborator and bass player, Todd Sickafoose, the album is a "sun-strained album of mystical folk/pop" that lives in its own universe and follows its own rules. In the world, however, Noe's audience has been steadily growing, thanks to word of mouth, and the generous support of a number of more established artists-- Noe has opened for Ani DiFranco on two national tours. In addition, Noe has opened tours for Dar Williams, They Might be Giants, Boz Scaggs, and Glen Phillips. In the Bay Area, however, Noe has gained a reputation as being something of a local secret. Three times, she has been nominated for a California Music Award best female vocalist. In 2003, San Francisco Magazine named Noe one of San Francisco's 100 most talented people. In 2002, her album, Down Easy was featured in Cherish, a movie by Bay Area filmmaker Finn Taylor-- the film premiered at Sundance and is now out on video.

In addition to being a singer songwriter, Noe is a writer, poet and obsessive documentarian who supplements her living writing books for kids.


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