Born early 2004 in Queens, NY, O-rynn aims to combine elements of Experimental, IDM, Trip-hop, Progressive Rock, and Drum-n-bass into a beautiful amalgamation of melody and rhythm. Comprised of Maria Aggabao, who provides the lush and moving vocals, and Erik Machado, who brings the euphonious melodies, O-rynn uses a wide variety of influences to shape their unique sound. A small project studio was built in late 2003, and with that began the project that would end up taking almost nine months to complete in full.

O-rynn's debut LP "Nomadica" is a testament to the duo's ability to draw song from the human condition. With ten tracks, "Nomadica" moves in a number of different directions, often juxtaposed, but never out of place. From the slowly creeping ballad simply entitled "Song" to the hard-hitting, drum heavy madness of "Pristine", many sides of the musical spectrum are flipped and tied together with a heavy and beautiful threadů the voice of Maria Aggabao. Her hauntingly beautiful melodies weave gently over Erik Machado's fathomless backdrops, creating a moving and reflective listening experience.

Although the project began strong in early 2004, it was not an easy road to completion. A great deal of momentum was lost throughout the year and it seemed at times as though the project would never be fully finished. As the end of 2004 neared, Erik received some great news: he would get the opportunity to finish the project with engineer Amil Dave of Jammin Downtown studios. All he needed were the completed and arranged tracks, and they could get the finalized treatment. With a hard deadline on their back, Erik and Maria scrambled to finish the songs they had started over the past year (only one tune was truly finished in Erik's mind). Within three weeks in the cold November of 2004, seven songs were completed and polished for the final process.

O-rynn is currently promoting and touring "Nomadica" along with the other songs they recorded in 2004. The songs that have been written or recorded, as well as those that will be, are designed to be a catharsis for the listener as much as for O-rynn themselves. O-rynn looks forward to continuing to push their sound into new directions, interpreting more from their influences, and creating new and unique sounds to make you think, relax, remember, and most importantly, feel.

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