Frank Bauer 2006

As the voice of Morcheeba, Skye became the soundtrack our lives with albums such as Who Can You Trust? and Big Calm, mixing trip-hop with pop, lounge, film soundtracks and reggae. With Morcheeba she sold five million records and graced stages around the world. After her departure from the band, Skye immersed herself in writing songs what eventually became this debut solo release, Mind How You Go, a sublime album of vivid compositions that present Skye in an entirely new light. Of course, there is much that is familiar - the beguiling quality of her voice, the potent melodies that bury themselves deep inside your brain and the cool elegance of her delivery.

But this album is also what Skye calls "my personal journey" and that's why this is Skye like you've never heard her before. With Morcheeba, she was usually singing someone else's lyrics. Mind How You Go finds Skye singing her songs, telling her stories and finding her own way on an album that is both personal credo and a realization of her inner strength. In addition to songs she wrote herself, she wrote a dozen more with producer Pat Leonard (Pink Floyd, Madonna). Somewhere in the process, a writing/recording session with Daniel Lanois (U2, Bob Dylan, Emmylou Harris) at his home studio, produced three more gems. From the sensual "Love Show" with its soft sung vocals to the subtle beats of the first single "What's Wrong With Me" the album is as personal and passionate as one could get. "People ask what this record means to me, but that's an alien question because I've been living and breathing it," says Skye. "It's not a question of what it means to me. This record is me."

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