Justin Elswick may be an anomaly in the music industry--a full-time attorney who has somehow found the tenacity and creative inspiration to create a lush and innovative e-pop vocal album under the Sleepthief moniker. Cultivating his deep love of epic, transcendent-style electronic / worldbeat / ethereal music and collaborating with his wish-liist of amazing vocalists, Justin has forged one of the most breathtaking debut albums in recent memory.

Originally from Southern California, Justin became obsessed with music at the age of four when his parents bought him a Fisher Price record player for Christmas. Although his parents were unable to afford piano lessons, Justin would always find a way to play with his grandmother's old piano. His love of music also translated into various DJ gigs during high school and college. However, it was not until age 19 that Justin finally taught himself the rudiments of music theory and songwriting.

Although in love with music, Justin also focused on his formal educational pursuits. After obtaining his B.A. degree in History, Justin moved to Dublin, Ireland where he studied for and was awarded a Masters of Philosophy from the University of Dublin, Trinity College. Upon returnining to the United States, Justin attended the J. Reuben Clark Law School at Brigham Young University.

Since graduating from law school, Justin has worked as an attorney in Provo, Utah. His practice areas include intellectual property, commercial and business transactions, and appellate work. For the last several years, Justin has also written numerous reviews as a music critic for Musical Discoveries. It is through his work with Musical Discoveries that Justin became acquainted with many of the esteemed vocalists who appear on The Dawnseeker.

After writing several songs and with co-producer Israel Curtis, Justin had plans on using one vocalist to complete his album. Fortunately this was not to be the case for The Dawnseeker as it now had a life of its own. Through his contacts with Musical Discoveries, Justin synced up with each artist--amassing his dream list of vocalists he had hoped would be interested in working with him on the Sleepthief project. What started as a daydream fantasy has slowly morphed into an opus of an album with a literal who's who in the world of electronica's leading ladies. The mixing of the album yielded surprises around every corner with each vocalist involved--every song cultivating its own essence.


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