Writing poems, singing and dancing always came natural to Liesje Sadonius, even when she was a little girl, she found her passions early on in life. There was always music in the house and when she wasnt practicing her voice or writing, she was training at the local ballet school. At the age of nineteen she found her way to Studio Herman Teirlinck in metropolitan Antwerp, to perfect her craft and really persue her dreams. She was taught by Jan Decleir, Ernst Lowe, Peter Gorissen, Lea Thijs and more. It wasnt much later that she was asked to become the lead singer of the Belgian trip hop band Hooverphonic. She worked with the band for a few years but didnt find enough room to express her creativity so she left the band on amicable terms. Since then Liesje has worked on several projects, working closely together with Rik Rosseels, Ks Choices' Gert Bettens, Frank Duchene, Ronny Mosuse, Lady Vortex, Ah-Cama-Sotz, Startrecs' Deeklo and more. She contributed her lyrics and vocals to musical projects ranging from downtempo nu-jazz to R&B and hip hop. Recently she has picked up acting again and has finished an intensive acting course at the Ron Burrus studio in Los Angeles. She is currently collaborating with the Brussels based trip hop band Airlock.

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