Tamrah Aeryn, 25, from the “middle of nowhere” Wisconsin, took off for
London, UK five years ago to record an album of her original songs in POD
studios with producer Lionel Hicks of the melodic metal band “Balance of
Power”. Soon afterward, she was given a one album licensing deal by
Germany’s Massacre Records (traditionally a heavy-metal label), to
distribute her album titled “Typical Gurl” throughout Europe and the UK.
Although Tamrah’s music was not heavy metal, Massacre was so impressed that
they decided to “take her and her music onboard.”

Since then her music has taken flight and has been adored by many a
listener. Through this, Tamrah has obtained a loyal European following.
Now released from her duty to Massacre, and returning home to the States
from London, Tamrah is once again climbing that proverbial ladder and is
searching for an international record deal and publishing deal.

Trained classically, Tamrah plays the piano and the guitar. She writes songs
in a style that spans the range between alternative rock, pop, and
folk-rock, and her powerful and unique lead vocals are usually backed with
layers of rich harmonies. Her songs tout the sarcastic as well as the
sincere, and reflect her experiences from relationships to the bizarre. In
numerous reviews, she has been likened to artists from Tori Amos and Kate
Bush, to Fiona Apple and even Nora Jones.

Tamrah studied music theory and composition at the University of Wisconsin
Eau Claire on a piano scholarship, and has written instrumental music as
well as vocal music in many different styles, however, through all of this
she is still a “rock chick” at heart. Currently Tamrah is gigging in
Florida. She has also been commissioned to write music for a movie in
production which will be filmed in the UK. in 2008.

In conclusion, I will leave you with a quote from Hi Fi + magazine issue 42

“Tamrah Aeryn shines in different ways to the rest. She has a hugely
distinctive voice, her songs have a strange, almost ethereal quality and her
lyrics go way beyond the usual boy-meets-girl, boy-loses-girl mentality.”


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