A longstanding friendship and a share passion for the fundamentals of electronic music (Kraftwerk, Buggles, Giorgio Moroder, Grand Master Flash, Sugarhill Gang) has lead Stephan Haeri, Christophe Hétier and Fabrice Dumont to compose their first record Sonic 75 in 1997 as télépopmusik.

Stimulated by the enthusiastic reception, they signed a record deal with the independent Parisian label Catalogue and released their first single in 1998, under the rather misleading name of An Ordinary Life.

In 2002, their first album Genetic World received critical and public acclaim following nominations at French Grammies Les Victoires de la Musique Awards (best electronic album) and the US Grammy Awards (best dance track), and a successful collaboration with Janet Jackson. With more than 250,000 copies sold worldwide, Genetic World became one of the very few French albums to boast sales across the world. During the marathon-like tour that followed the albums release, Télépopmusik played around 100 concerts, from Moscow, Istanbul and the Glastonbury Festival to New York and Puerto Rico. One thing was clear: when it came to music, the trio meant devotion.

The avant-garde video for Breathe - the album opening track - was directed by Jordan Scott, daughter of movie director Ridley Scott. Shot in L.A. in summer 2001, this stylish video gained heavy rotation on MTV France and the rest of Europe. 'Breathe' had hit the dancefloors across Europe all summer 2002 with various club remixes by the cream of the International electronic scene. In 2003, Breathe was included in the TV ad for Mitsubishi Outlander SUV and is now being widely recognized.

Experience in various formations (for example Fabrice is the founder of the French group Autour de Lucie) quite simply allowed them to avoid the easy pitfall of samples and to use their skills as instrumentalists for the record and each one was naturally able to find his position in the group. Fabrice, who has already collaborated with Philippe Katherine, Anna Karina and François Breut, creates the arrangements and the sound architecture. Stephan, who is trained as a sound engineer and in electro-acoustics, is responsible for building this unique sound that is both gentle and dense. And Christophe, night-clubber and DJ under the name Antipop, has the task of creating the groove out of scratches, vocals taken from television programs, and finding the voices that are featured throughout this album.

Their second daredevil album Angel Milk turned out to be a very finely tuned piece of work. Released worldwide in 2005 on Capitol Records, some of its tracks can be heard on American most famous TV programs: C.S.I., Nip Tuck, the L World. Angel Milk features the same team of singers: Angela McCluskey and rapper Mau (ex-Earthling) along with a new member, singer Deborah Anderson

Télépopmusik are now working on their third album, which will be released in 2007.


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