“Her voice is as pure as fresh water bubbling from a spring. As a songwriter, she evokes visions of peace and oneness, yet her words are very much of this world, and of the earth. Her name is Tina Malia, a name that will be well known before long, because this young woman is destined for musical immortality.” -Magical Blend Magazine

Tina Malia’s luxurious voice and enchanting presence is creating a stir from coast to coast and across the world. Her original music touches the listener with elevating lyrics and deep, earthy rhythms. Trained as a classical pianist and vocalist, and inspired by her roots in American folk and soul music, she has also been widely influenced by music from around the world. Her music marries the timelessness of all these styles with a new flair all her own. She has been compared to such legendary female artists as Joni Mitchell, Sarah McLaughlin, and Loreena McKennitt.

After studying sound engineering and classical vocal performance, she began her professional music career at age 18 as a producer, engineer and vocalist for a children’s music label out of Northern California. She then went on to produce two of her own recordings, and has just released her third "the Silent Awakening". It features a rich, groove oriented, acoustic and electric feast by percussionist Greg Ellis of Vas, renowned violinist Darol Anger, vocalist Sasha Butterfly, MJ Greenmountain from Hamsa Lila, and more. With Tina Malia on vocals, guitar, 12-string, piano, marimba and hammer dulcimer.

Tina Malia is an integral part of a grass-roots musical movement originating from the San Francisco Bay area, and tours nationally and internationally with her 5 piece band. She is also a featured vocalist with Jai Uttal and the Pagan Love Orchestra, and has toured with Hamsa Lila, Lost at Last, and shared stages with Michael Franti, Wisdom, Kan'nal, and many other counter culture bands. She has also performed at many major festivals across the United States including the Oregon Country Faire, Tribal Stomp, Harmony Fest, Earthdance, the Sacred World Music Festival, Reggae on the River and many more.

Be sure to catch her and her band's breathtaking performances this year as they travel to Europe, around the entire continental U.S. and Hawaii for the release of "The Silent Awakening."


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