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During more than eight years of developing a sound and community, Trespassers William switched several members before forming its current and longest lasting group: Matt Brown, Ross Simonini and Anna-Lynne Williams. The band became a presence on the music scene with their second album, Different Stars, which was originally released only in Europe but later, re-released worldwide on Nettwerk Records (2004). The album established Trespassers as subtle, nuanced songwriters and hinted at influences of ambient and folk and shoegaze. The group spent two years touring internationally and performed with such acts as Damien Rice, Stereolab and Morrissey.

Then, in early 2005 they moved north, rented a house in the outskirts of Seattle, and began to reinterpret the focus of their sound. They began to create a more diverse sound through a constant rotation of instruments through band members and hands-on studio manipulation. After completing the recording in Seattle, the band traveled to Tarbox Studios (Buffalo, New York) and finished the record with renowned producer/mixer Dave Fridmann (Flaming Lips, Mercury Rev, Mogwai, Low, etc.). Dave helped to push their songs toward more complex textures and into deeper extremes of quiet and loud.

This change in style and attitude has also complimented the bands live performances. Their sets include more powerful shifts in dynamic and creativity. Some of the more electronic tracks on Having also tend to utilize more acoustic treatments on stage, making the live show a unique and separate experience from the album.

Having is out now worldwide. Tours of the US, Canada and Europe will follow shortly.


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