Palo Hubinak and Dano Bihany have made their debut song already in 1997. It was just a demo, but it was the beginning of the idea of the project combining the live instruments with up-to-date electronic sounds. When it seemed that the singer would be Hubinak, whose flat was the place where the project originated, he managed to make his girlfriend Simona Danielova to take part in this still nameless formation. Simona has not only created vocal melodies, she has also written English lyrics and have sang all songs "obediently". Moreover, she has given the formation the name - Veneer. Next three months Veneer spent negotiating (discussing) with some record labels. They got rid of the tension during the concerts, they performed at the most important domestic festivals and appeared in some Slovak radio stations. First sigel was called I Learned To FlyIn 2002 they signed the contract with EMI Czech Republic. Their debut album Light /that included two songs in Slovak language/ was released in April 2003 on Escape which is an alternative sublabel of EMI CR set up with a view to releasing original Czech and Slovak material. Veneer had much bigger succes in Czech Republic and also in Austria. Hubinak is also a much-sought-after re-mixer. He has done some pieces for Czech, Slovak and foreign artists like Ecstasy Of St. Theresa, Here, Ivan Tásler, Lenny Kravitz /Believe In Me/, Shellwoy, Robo Opatovsky, Abuse, Dan Barta or Tata Bojs. At the moment Veneer are working on new album.


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