"Ethereal electronics that are lush and tranquil with the rich vocals of what could be a mythical siren singing" -CJ, Spongey Monkey Vol #8/9

The band has been described by some top labels, artists, and DJ's, stylistically, as "A mix of 4AD meets the Sundays, and Garbage." The lush and dramatic electronics of Chris Ross meld with the innovative and melodic guitar of Benjamin Fargen to create a hypnotic foundation for vocalist Victoria Lloyd's soaring and passionate vocal presence. The new album is sure to please fans of the 1995 self-titled release, 1998's "Time and the Maiden", as well as the 2001 release of remixes "Time Again".

The new album "Love is Blind" is the fourth full length album from Claire Voyant. The album is scheduled for a September 2002 release on Metropolis Records. This album continues the Northern California trio's 7-year collaboration and takes their dark melodic dream pop style to the present.

Love is Blind is a journey. A sonically personified romance of beauty and warmth adulterated with persistent micro-stabbings of invocation. Portraits of discovery, despair, and potential disintegration of the elusive "love". Why do we have to fill the world with silly love songs? Well, what's wrong with that?

"The mystery of Love is greater than the mystery of Death...." - Oscar Wilde

Claire Voyant is:
Victoria Lloyd ~ vocals & lyrics
Chris Ross ~ programming
Ben Fargen ~ guitars




Mono Chrome was formed in May of 2002 by Clint Sand (of cut.rate.box and SYNNACK) and Victoria Lloyd (of Claire Voyant and HMB). By fusing electronics with uniquely powerful female vocals, Mono Chrome creates danceable, yet dark electronic music. Their strong emotional and melodic components reach beyond the norm of "female fronted " electronic bands. Mono Chrome's full-length release, "Collapse and Sever" was released world-wide on August 10th 2004 by Cryonica Music in Europe and Metropolis Records in North America. The follow-up release tentatively titled "Hopeminus" is in the works and will be released late 2006.


  • Victoria Lloyd - lyrics/vocals
  • Many have embraced her passionate vocal structures and intimate lyrics from her other band, Claire Voyant and from her work with Haujobb front man, Daniel Myer (as HMB). In Mono Chrome her vocals bring a seductive and powerful female element to electro dance sounds.
  • Clint M. Sand - programming/production/keyboard technophiliac sensitive love machine
  • In addition to Mono Chrome, Clint is one half of cut.rate.box who's own material, energetic live performances, (recently headlining the opening night of the UK's Infest festival) and remixes (Including remixes for favorites such as Depeche Mode, Assemblage 23, Clan of Xymox, Haujobb, Beborn Beton, Cleen, Claire Voyant, Stromkern, God Module and others) have an acclaimed and established following.
  • As already accomplished and established artist receiving international radio and club play, Mono Chrome hopes to build on the already intense response to their work and cross the boundaries of "genre" and scene; drawing influences from styles ranging from industrial ebm to trip hop.
  • www.mono-chrome.net/


    Comprised of Daniel Meier (Haujobb/Cleen/Cleaner) and Victoria Lloyd (Claire Voyant), HMB set out to create a new boundary for experimentation. Fusing elements of EBM, techno and trance with the elegant vocal styling of Victoria and the distinctive vocal styling of Daniel has made this album a beautifully crafted masterpiece. To complement an already solid combination, the pair also enlisted the help of Dennis Ostermann (ISC/Controlled Fusion) to add yet another twist to the equation.



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